Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to the Bush

So I survived the drive from Pretoria to Bloemhof and made it back to the field site. It feels good to be back. I miss the good times with my hostel friends but I love the quiet, and the stars, and the jackals that my field site offers.

I thought I would be terrified the entire drive back--but I was not. I also predicted I would be scared to be alone in the middle of nowhere---but I am not. Isn't it funny? I obviously do not have a realistic perspective on what I can handle. I think I will continue underestimating myself however, so I can continue to be pleasantly surprised.

Spring is in the air at the reserve. All the scorched areas are turning from black to bright green and budding even though there has been no recent rain. Baby squirrels are popping up everywhere! Wild flowers are blooming in every colour imaginable and birds are starting to molt into breeding colors. It is a wonderful time of year in South Africa-- no long bitter cold but not yet too hot either. The snake experts should be here next wait to continue the mobbing trials. I can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. In my mind, you were brave to even go on this trip! That coming from someone who doesn't fly. :-) I admire your passion. I wonder how the confidence you have experienced with the field trip is going to translate into your riding and life in general in North America. :-)

    Love your description of your environment. Bet the baby Capes are cute! Can't wait to hear about the snake mobbing!!