Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pilanesberg National Park


Blue wildebeest

Common warthog

White rhino

We went to a nature reserve today to look at some animals that will not be on our field site. This is a mixed blessing since these animals are very beautiful but can also be dangerous so it is nice to visit them but it is also nice not to have to worry about them while we are working!

Also we are FINALLY leaving for the field tomorow. Bloemhof here we come! One week in the city is about enough for me.


  1. Holy crap! I can't believe you saw all of those animals. I am now officially jealous. You know what I saw today? Winnipeg...I saw more of Winnipeg. You saw a freakin' white rhino! :) JK. I am glad to see that you are having some fun over there. Keep the pictures (and the blog posts) coming!

  2. Beautiful photos! How close did you get?

  3. Uh, now that doesn't look like 'home' at all!